Subliminal Message Pro

Subliminal Message Pro 1.5.0

Generate subliminal messages on your Mac


  • Easy to use
  • Could help in positive thinking


  • Limited to 80 characters per message
  • 10 minute demo isn't enough evaluation time

I'm all for harnessing the power of the mind but when it comes to subliminal messages, I'm a bit skeptical.

However, if you're not then you might find Subliminal Message Pro an interesting application. Subliminal Message Pro allows you to write and display messages to display at frequent intervals on your Mac. Messages can only be up to 80 characters in length and are displayed in the middle of your display. You have a bit of control over random horizontal and vertical offsets, random backwards display, the on-screen time, the period between flashes, the font size, font color, bold on/off, and font darkness etc.

You can make a list of messages and display them randomly according to which ones you've checked and you can write them in a variety of languages including Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Korean, Cirillic, Hebrew, Russian, Afrikaans and Polish, etc.

It's a bit annoying that messages are limited in size although the idea of subliminal messages is that they are short and snappy. The effectiveness of this program can only be proved or disproved over prolonged use though and it depends on your psyche.

Subliminal Message Pro is an interesting application and if it can help you think more positively or achieve a goal, then who am I to knock it. Otherwise, you'll just find the flashing messages annoying.

Version 1.5.0 added option to display, at random, messages backwards.


  • Version 1.5.0 added option to display, at random, messages backwards.

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Subliminal Message Pro


Subliminal Message Pro 1.5.0

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